Sitemap - 2022 - The Hartmann Report

Saturday Report 12/31/22 - Did we get mummification totally Wrong?

Was the Southwest Airlines Meltdown Impacted By the "Great Share-Buyback Scam"?

Thom's Daily Read 30Dec22

Gorsuch Knows “Three Co-Equal Branches” Is a Myth

Thom's Daily Read 29Dec22

Will Blue States Eventually have to Surrender Their “Woke” Agendas?

Thom's Daily Read 28Dec22

Is Greed the Biggest Threat to America & Democracy?

Thom's Daily Read 27Dec22

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How Global Warming Makes it Freezing Cold

Thom's Daily Read 26Dec22

Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture

Saturday Report 12/24/22 - Republican Politics Can Kill You and Yours...

The Hidden History of Santa Revealed!

Thom's Daily Read 23Dec22

Is Homelessness Our “Malnutrition & Starvation” Applied to Housing?

Thom's Daily Read 22Dec22

Will America Keep Our Word to Ukraine?

Thom's Daily Read 21Dec22

The Dirty Game Republicans are Playing with Desperate People’s Lives

Thom's Daily Read 20Dec22

Should a Handful of Billionaires Own More Wealth than the Bottom 50% of All Americans?

Thom's Daily Read 19Dec22

What You May Have Missed

Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture

Saturday Report 12/17/22 - Will Puerto Rico become a state?

What the Final Stage of Reaganism Looks Like

Thom's Daily Read 16Dec22

Why Doesn't America Have $10 Broadband?

Thom's Daily Read 15Dec22

How Do We Stop Wealthy Rightwing “Christians” from Bribing the Supreme Court?

Thom's Daily Read 14Dec22

Trump Isn’t Our Biggest Problem: It’s the Authoritarian Fascist Movement He Launched

Thom's Daily Read 13Dec22

Is America Blind to Trump’s Genocide?

Thom's Daily Read 12Dec22

What You May Have Missed

Solutions to America's Voting Crisis

Saturday Report 12/10/22 - Trump wasn’t that bad...other than when he was...

Democrats Have Enough Votes to Get Gigi Sohn On the FCC—Will They Succeed?

Thom's Daily Read 9Dec22

How To Kill and Get Away With It

Thom's Daily Read 8Dec22

Is It Time to Revive the Berlin Airlift for Ukraine?

Thom's Daily Read 1Dec22

Is "Creative Expression” the New Strategy for “Christian” fundamentalists & SCOTUS to Heart Bigots?

Thom's Daily Read 6Dec22

The Danger of the Rich & Powerful Man-Bubble

Thom's Daily Read 5Dec22

What You May Have Missed

The Beginnings of a Myth: Voting Fraud

Saturday Report 12/3/22 - We now know why Zebras have stripes - Ain’t nature amazing?

Ask Thom Anything

Why are the Media Ignoring Blatant Efforts to Suppress the Democratic Vote in Georgia?

Thom's Daily Read 2Dec22

Is the GOP Getting Away with "Polite Denial" While Their Base is Overtly Racist & Anti-Semitic?

Thom's Daily Read 1Dec22

Did Some in Our Federal Police Conspire to Overthrow America?

Thom's Daily Read 30Nov22

Beware of Those Who Believe They Were Sent By God or DNA

Thom's Daily Read 29Nov22

Is the Greatest Threat to Humanity Something Called an Algorithm?

Thom's Daily Read 28Nov22

The Crisis of Exit Polling and Voting Systems

Saturday Report 11/26/22 - Will the World Need to Dim the Sun to Save the Planet?

Why Public Schools Are On the GOP’s Hit List

Thom's Daily Read 25Nov22

A “Safe Space” for a Gun Conversation Over Thanksgiving

Thom's Daily Read 24Nov22

Time to Call Mass Shooters - and Those Who Inspire Them - Terrorists

Thom's Daily Read 23Nov22

The “Freedom” Billionaires & the GOP are Selling Americans is Deadly

Thom's Daily Read 22Nov22

If You Want To Die Young - Take the Red Pill

Thom's Daily Read 21Nov22

A New War on the Vote

Republicans Prepare to Attack America with Santa Claus

Can Congress Reverse the Damage Corrupt Republicans on the Supreme Court have Inflicted on America?

Dear Millennials & Zoomers: I’m Sorry We Didn’t Stop Them

The Connection Between a Child-Murderer, Reaganism and Today’s GOP

The Lost People

The Billionaires’ Trick to Keep Everyone from Voting

Armistice Day

Have Zoomers Ushered in the Fourth Turning?

Thom's Daily Read 10Nov22

Our Next Struggle: DeSantis Inheriting Trump’s Fascist Mantle

Thom's Daily Read 9Nov22

Republicans See Today as an Opportunity to Set Up the End of Democracy in 2024

Thom's Daily Read 8Nov22

The 3 Megatrends Hitting Democracy Like a Tornado

Thom's Daily Read 7Nov22

Why Racists Don’t Want Everyone to Vote

Saturday Report 11/4/22- Scientists are saying Standard Time is Healthier - They Agree with Me!

Ask Thom Anything

America Should Buy Out the Fossil Fuel Industry

Thom's Daily Read 4Nov22

It’s Critical to See what a Fascist America Looks Like, Before it's Too Late

Thom's Daily Read 3Nov22

Is Most of America’s Inflation About Monopolies, Price-Gouging, & Oil Barons Fleecing Us?

Thom's Daily Read 2Nov22

The Weapon Republicans Pointed at the Heart of Our Democracy in 1964 Still Haunts Us

Thom's Daily Read 1Nov22

Will the Billionaires' Risky Bet Pay Off?

Thom's Daily Read 31Oct22

The Unique Struggles of Women and Native Americans to Vote

Saturday Report 10/29/22 - Twitter is pretty damn shocking under its new management?

Drenching America in Blood is a Popular Sport for the GOP

Thom's Daily Read 28Oct22

Could Today's Crises Help America Reject Corporate Personhood?

Thom's Daily Read 27Oct22

Thom's Daily Read 26Oct22

Why Is America Still Buying Saudi Oil When We Could Be Self Sufficient?

This Is the Election You Get for 9 Billion Bucks

Thom's Daily Read 25Oct22

Americans’ Cartoon Vision of Authoritarianism Causes Us to Miss It

Thom's Daily Read 24Oct22

Power to the South: The Three-Fifths Compromise

Saturday Report - Why Is the Mainstream Media Ignoring the GOP Plan to Blow Up the Global Economy and Destroy Social Security?

Ending "Money Is Speech" Is the Only Way to Restore Democracy

Thom's Daily Read 21Oct22

Are SCOTUS Republicans In On a Plot to End Democratic Presidencies Forever?

Thom's Daily Read 20Oct22

The Most Successful Con In American History Laid Bare

Thom's Daily Read 3Oct22

Democrats Must Use this Ancient Deep Psychology Technique To Win

Thom's Daily Read 18Oct22

We Must Choose: Democracy or War

Thom's Daily Read 3Oct22

What You May Have Missed

Introduction: The Heartbeat of Democracy

Saturday Report 10/15/22 - Don't Mess With Nancy...

What if Politicians are Asking Billionaires & Foreign Countries To Meddle in Our Elections?

Thom's Daily Read 14Oct22

When Will the Victims of Oil Companies’ Lies Get Their Day In Court?

Thom's Daily Read 13Oct22

Why the GOP is No Longer a Legitimate Political Party

Thom's Daily Read 3Oct22

How Republicans Conspire with Churches for Political & Social Control

Thom's Daily Read 3Oct22

How Long Will the GOP Continue to Shrink the Middle Class Rather than Grow It?

Thom's Daily Read 10Oct22

Thomas Paine and the Promise of America by Harvey J. Kaye

Restoring Government, of, by and for the People

Saturday Report 10/8/22: How will OPEC’s 2-million-barrel-a-day production cut hit America?

Can America Stand On Her Own Two Feet?

Thom's Daily Read 7Oct22

Are White Supremacy & the Wealth of Its Oligarchs the Only Things the GOP Fights For?

Thom's Daily Read 6Oct22

Will Powell, MBS, and Putin Throw the Entire World Into a Depression?

Thom's Daily Read 5Oct22

How Economic Outrage Trumps Most Other Issues

Thom's Daily Read 4Oct22

Why Babcock Ranch Survived Hurricane Ian but Others Florida Cities Didn't

Thom's Daily Read 3Oct22

What You May Have Missed

Saturday Report - Just Like With Guns, the Right-Wingers Don't Want to talk Climate Change During a Crisis...

If We End Corporate Personhood We Can Define the Terms of a New Economy

Ask Thom Anything

What You May Have Missed

If America Doesn’t Embrace “Buy American” Now, this will be the Chinese Century

Thom's Daily Read 30Sept22

America Doesn't Understand that Inequality Causes Crime

Thom's Daily Read 29Sept22

GOP Exploits Americans' Confusion About Taxes

Thom's Daily Read 28Sept22

Why Do So Many Americans Believe the Lies Pushed by the GOP?

Thom's Daily Read 27Sept22

GOP Bets Crime Will Generate Fear & Votes - Will It Work?

Thom's Daily Read 26September22

The Need to Relocalize Our Economies

Saturday Report 9/24/22 - Guess Who Is Showering Money Down on the "Big Lie" Candidates for the Midterms?

How the Supreme Court Set Up the Criminal Takeover of America

Thom's Daily Read 23September22

Americans Used To Understand Public Schools and the Commons

Thom's Daily Read 22September22

Trump's Messiah Scam Increases His Threat To America

Thom's Daily Read 21Sept22

Why Do You Think I’m a Threat To America?

Thom's Daily Read 20Sept22

Let's Just All Acknowledge That Cruelty & Death Is the GOP Brand

Thom's Daily Read 19September22

End Corporate Personhood

Saturday Report 9/17/22 - Josh Hawley Has a Technique for the Russians To Learn...

Abbott & DeSantis Just Revived the “Freedom Ride North”

Thom's Daily Read 16Sept22

When Trump is Finally Revealed as an Agent of Foreign Governments - Will America Wake Up?

Thom's Daily Read 15Sept22

Look Out: How the GOP’s Newest Anti-Voting Scam Works

Thom's Daily Read 14August22

Why are We Surprised Barr Covered-Up Trump's Treason When He Did the Same for GHW Bush & Reagan?

Thom's Daily Read 13August22

What Will the Collapse of Neoliberalism Bring to America & Russia?

Thom's Daily Read 12August22

Capitalists and Americans Speak Out for Community

Saturday Report 9/10/22 - Crazy Alert! Fox “News” host Bret Baer asks Turkish/New Jersey citizen Dr. Mehmet Oz if he should’ve gone to the meat counter instead of the vegetables...

Ask Thom Anything

Do Americans Want Our Middle Class Back?

Thom's Daily Read 1August22

America has been Poisoned - Where's the Antidote?

Thom's Daily Read 8August22

It's Time to Enforce the Constitution & Ban Seditious Republicans from Congress

Thom's Daily Read 7August22

Will America See a 2nd Major Renewal of the Middle Class?

Thom's Daily Read 6August22

Unequal Influence: There Are Politicians Who Work on Behalf of Corporations and Those Who Work on Behalf of Humans

Saturday Report 9/3/22 - Is the new coarseness and brutality in American politics the result of Trump or social media? Or both?

Is Something Called “Narcissistic Collapse” Coming To America?

Thom's Daily Read 2August22

Ask Thom Anything - New Date

When Will Americans Again Believe in America?

Thom's Daily Read 1September22

The Senate is 50/50, Yet America is Not - and This is Democracy?

Thom's Daily Read 31August22

Is The GOP Now Promoting the Business of Tracking Women?

Thom's Daily Read 30August22

What if Trump's Conspiracy was Way Bigger than We Know?

Thom's Daily Read 29August22

What You May Have Missed

The Purpose of a Free Press

Saturday Report 8/27/22 - Is the Sun Setting on the Gas-Powered Car?

The Horrific Consequences of the GOP Merging Church & State Are Here

Student Debt Is Evil & A Crime Against Our Nation

The Claws of the Morbidly Rich are Deeply Sunk into American's Body Politic

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

Neoliberalism Spares No Part of Our Commons, Not Even Public Libraries

Free Trade Is Ravaging National Economies

Why Does the GOP Work So Hard to Let Psychopaths in Suits Get Away with Murder?

As the Fourth Great Turning Unwinds, Technology is Speeding Up the Process

Santa Attacks the Inflation Reduction Act

Is America Re-fighting the Revolutionary War?

Thom's Daily Read 17August22

America's Founders Would Have Been Disgusted By Today's GOP & Trump

Thom's Daily Read 16August22

Afghanistan a Year Later: Can We Finally Speak Honestly About Bush & Cheney's “Little War"?

Thom's Daily Read 15August22

Cannery Row by John Steinbeck

Saturday Report 8/13/22 - What starts in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic...

Ask Thom Anything!

Can American Democracy Survive the "Fake News" Crisis

Thom's Daily Read 12August22

Should Trump's Business' Get The Corporate Death Penalty?

Thom's Daily Read 11August22

The GOP’s Casual, Cynical, Disrespectful “Democrat Party” Slur

Thom's Daily Read 10August22

What Is It that Republicans Actually Do Love?

Thom's Daily Read 9August22

What You May Have Missed

Ask Thom Anything - POSPONED

Stop the Medicare “Advantage” Scam Before Medicare is Dead

Thom's Daily Read 5August22

Thom's Daily Read 4August22

How to Fight the New GOP Scheme To Kill Social Security & Medicare

The "Share Buyback" Looting of American Business

Thom's Daily Read 3August22

Republicans have a Plan to Change the Constitution and it Just May Work

Thom's Daily Read 2August22

How a Child-Killer Set the Stage for Today's Republicans to Revel in Cruelty

Thom's Daily Read 1August22

What You May Have Missed

Unequal Wealth

Saturday Report 7/30/22 - Crazy Alert! The Sperm Bros are touring the world offering to help women...

The Reagan Revolution Changed America's Values to "Greed Is Good" - Can We Take Them Back?

Thom's Daily Read 29July22

“Free Trade” Has Put America & Democracy At the Mercy of China

Thom's Daily Read 28July22

Welcome To the Anthropocene - The Age Of Human Die-offs

Thom's Daily Read 27July22

Will American Democracy Vanish If We Don't Drain the Swamp?

Thom's Daily Read 26July22

What You May Have Missed

Unequal Citizenship and Access to the Commons

Saturday Report 7/23/22 - Josh Hawley has broken the internet, as people all over the world are rolling on the floor laughing...

Is the GOP Calling Public Schools "Communist" Just Code for Racism?

Thom's Daily Read 1July22

America Is Occupied By a Dangerous Second Amendment Scam

Thom's Daily Read 21July22

Can We Stop the 27 Men Who Run America?

Thom's Daily Read 20July22

Can America Pull Off a Second Reconstruction?

Thom's Daily Read 19July22

What Will You Do When the GOP Comes For Your Wife, Daughter, or Sister?

Thom's Daily Read 18July22

Humans v. Corporations: Unequal Privacy

Saturday Report 7/16/22 - Crazy Alert! The new rightwing story about Trump’s witness tampering attempt is that it was a butt-dial. Seriously?!

The Big Business Plot to Overthrow Democrats Revealed?

Thom's Daily Read 15July22

A Political Party With an Armed Paramilitary Wing Is Not Consistent with Democracy

Thom's Daily Read 14July22

Dear Millennials: I’m Sorry We Didn’t Stop Them

Thom's Daily Read 13July22

Is Ron DeSantis Getting Ready to Pull a Jeb Bush?

Thom's Daily Read 1July22

What You May Have Missed

Where Did the Religious Nuttery Come From?

Thom's Daily Read 11July22

Unequal Responsibility for Crime

Saturday Report 7/9/22 - Women cause mass shootings, not guns, according to Fox “News”

Ask Thom Anything!

Is Ron DeSantis Our Next Authoritarian Nightmare?

Thom's Daily Read 8July22

GOP "Cancel Culture" is Hard at Work Cancelling America

Thom's Daily Read 7July22

The Climate Emergency We Worried About is Here - Our “Normal” Climate is Dead

Thom's Daily Read 6July22

Civil Society is Fully in a State of Gun Crisis

Thom's Daily Read 5July22

Next, Rightwingers on the Court Want to Take Your First Amendment Rights

Thom's Daily Read 4July22

Unequal Protection: Unequal Taxes

Saturday Report 6/2/22 - Can a Flu Shot Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by 40%?

The Nightmare Scenario SCOTUS is Plotting For the 2024 Election Takeover

Thom's Daily Read 1July22

The Supreme Court has Lit Our Planet On Fire

Treason Is the Most Profitable Business Trump Ever Engaged In

Thom's Daily Read 30June22

SCOTUS Has Dissolved Into A Blur Of BS, Qanon & Fundamentalist Religion

Thom's Daily Read 29June22

It’s Not Just the Fate of Abortion or Democrats At Stake: Democracy Hangs In the Balance

Thom's Daily Read 28June22

The SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Highlights the Dire Loss of Democracy in America

Thom's Daily Read 27June22

Unequal Protection From Risk

Saturday Report 6/25/22 - A Post Roe America has Begun...

"Stop the Steal" Didn't Start in 2020 - It Was 20 Years In the Making

Thom's Daily Read 24June22

Have You Noticed America Has Gotten Meaner?

Thom's Daily Read 23June22

How Ron Johnson Almost Got Away with Treason

Thom's Daily Read 22June22

"Hate & Fear" or "Liberty & Prosperity"?

Thom's Daily Read 1June22

The Supreme Court has Lit Our Planet on Fire

Thom's Daily Read 1June22

What You May Have Missed

Unequal Regulation

Saturday Report 6/18/22 — Is America doomed to follow Russia and Hungary’s path to fascism like Fox “News” and the GOP are hoping?

Forgiving Student Debt Isn’t Giving a Gift - It’s Righting a Wrong

Thom's Daily Read 1June22

Trump's Secret Plan Was No Secret

Thom's Daily Read 16June22

How Much Money is Worth Killing 212,000 Americans in a Single Year?

Thom's Daily Read 15June22

How Medicare Advantage Scammers Get Away With It

Thom's Daily Read 14June22

Will the GOP Embrace White Supremacy & Fascism, or Go Back to Being the Party of the Rich?

Thom's Daily Read 13June22

What You May Have Missed

Unequal Uses for the Bill of Rights

Saturday Report 6/11/22 - The Glaciers in Antarctica are Melting at a Rate Not Seen in Over 5,500 Years

Trump's Sedition: George Washington Warned Us In 1796

Thom's Daily Read 10June22

When Was Bribery of Politicians Legalized In America?

Thom's Daily Read 9June22

How Republicans Abandoned Democracy in 1960

Thom's Daily Read 8June22

What Would An American Fascist Government Look Like?

Thom's Daily Read 7June22

The Latest For-Profit “Advantage” Assault on Medicare Exposed

Thom's Daily Read 1June22

What You May Have Missed

Unequal Protection: Corporate Control of Politics

Just a quick weekend note

Saturday Report 6/3/22 - Should we be concerned that an artificial intelligence (AI) program has invented its own language and is talking to itself with it?

Ask Thom Anything!

Gun Control: How Reagan’s Racism Once Saved Lives and is Today Killing America's Children

Thom's Daily Read 3June22

The Economic Sh*tstorm Coming is Due to Reagan’s Deregulated Economy

Thom's Daily Read 2June22

Why America Must Prepare For a Decades-Long War Over “Gun Control”

Thom's Daily Read 1June22

Why Canadians Are Warning About the Collapse of American Democracy

Thom's Daily Read 31May22

What You May Have Missed

A Nation Cowering in Fear of Mass Shootings Is Not Free

Thom's Daily Read 30May22

Unequal Protection: Protecting Corporate Liars

A Note of Appreciation

Dear Republicans: We Tried Your Way and It Does Not Work

Thom's Daily Read 26May22

Will This Finally Be the Time Republicans Turn Against the NRA's Money?

Thom's Daily Read 25May22

Is Trumpism This Generation's Version of the Confederacy?

Thom's Daily Read 24May22

Why Do Americans Trust “Davos Man” to Run the Nation?

Thom's Daily Read 23May22

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - The Court Takes the Presidency

Saturday Report 5/21/22 - Ever woken up to a strange dog in your bed?

Republicans Learn to Promote Fascism at the Feet of a Master (Hint: It's Not Trump)

Thom's Daily Read 2May22

Is the GOP Hating On Young Parents & Babies Just to Make Democrats Look Bad?

What the Heck is a Populist, Anyway?

Thom's Daily Read 19May22

What Is the End-Point for Republican Terrorism?

Thom's Daily Read 18May22

The Buffalo Terrorist Didn’t Shoot Alone

Thom's Daily Read 17May22

Why Democracy's Most Relentless Enemies Always Try to Destroy Trust First

Thom's Daily Read 16May22

What You May Have Missed

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - Corporations Go Global

Saturday Report 5/14/22 — An Abortion Rights Day of Action

How Minority Rule is Killing America

Thom's Daily Read 13May22

Why are Americans Subsidizing Our Own Extinction?

Thom's Daily Read 12May22

If Elon Musk Lets Trump Back on Twitter - How Will It Effect America?

Why Are Republicans Killing Their Own?

Is the Supreme Court Seriously Above the Law?

Thom's Daily Read 11May22

How Will Trump's Deadly Sabotage Of America End?

Thom's Daily Read 10May22

The Abortion Firestorm is also a White Freak-out About the Browning of America

Thom's Daily Read 9May22

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - The People’s Masters

Saturday Report 5/7/22 - Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Ask Thom Anything!

Is "Democracy in the Workplace" Having a Moment?

Thom's Daily Read 6May22

Abortion: Why is the Court Using Religious Belief to Alter what Should be Secular Law?

Thom's Daily Read 5May22

How Wealthy Straight White Reactionaries Fight Progress

Thom's Daily Read 4May22

Thom's Daily Read 3May22

Federal Abortion Ban: "Court Packing" Should Be Back on the Table!

A Third of America is Lost to Hate: Is It Time to Move On?

Thom's Daily Read 2May22

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - The Early Role of Corporations in America

Saturday Report 4/30/22 - Is the Fed killing the economic recovery on purpose?

Connecticut Offers Refuge to Red State Women with a “Fugitive Woman Act”

Thom's Daily Read 29April22

Republicans Planned to End Democracy with Martial Law - the Ultimate "Big Government"

Thom's Daily Read 28April22

Rand Paul Hearts the Russianized Libertarian Version of the Laissez-Faire System

Thom's Daily Read 27April22

Did Jared Sell Out America & Prospects for World Peace for $2 Billion? and...Nobody Cares?

Thom's Daily Read 26April22

Will Comrade DeSantis Succeed in Destroying the Constitution?

Thom's Daily Read 25April22

What You May Have Missed

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - Founders Versus the Corporate Aristocracy

Saturday Report 4/23/22 - Fox “News” is Hysterical that the Easter Bunny Talked to President Biden!

DeSantis’ Attack on Disney Shows how Fascism Progresses Toward the Later Stages of Tyranny

Thom's Daily Read 22April22

The GOP's Newfound Concern for “The Children” Doesn’t Save Kids from Their #1 Killer: Guns

Thom's Daily Read 21April22

America Needs Radical Plans to Save the Environment, Not Supreme Court Secret Sellouts

Thom's Daily Read 20April22

How Democratic Outrage Can End Trump's Reign

Thom's Daily Read 19April22

What You May Have Missed

The Deadly Reason Republicans are Suckers for Fake News?

Thom's Daily Read 18April22

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - The Boston Tea Party Revealed

Saturday Report 4/16/22 - Are Human Sacrifices the Logical Conclusion of Deflated Tires?

How Do We Break the Cycle Of Political Violence?

Thom's Daily Read 15April22

$10,000-a-Day Fines Mean Nothing to Trump - He Should Pay a Percentage of His Income

Thom's Daily Read 14April22

Stormy Days Coming for Solar Power in the Sunshine State

Thom's Daily Read 13April22

Putin, Trump, and Le Pen are Cashing In on the Collapse of Neoliberalism

Thom's Daily Read 12April22

It’s Time to Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry

Thom's Daily Read 11April22

What You May Have Missed

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - The Corporate Conquest of America

Saturday Report 4/9/22 - Democracy Doesn’t Work Without Checks-and-Balances, Including Holding Criminals in Government Accountable for Their Crimes…’Specially Trump

Are Trump & Republicans Willing to Die For the Right to Be Racist?

Thom's Daily Read 8April22

Why Is the GOP Siding With Putin?

Thom's Daily Read 1April22

How the GOP is Turning Up the Dial on “Hate & Fear”

Thom's Daily Read 6April22

Democrats Should "Take On the Swamp" and Mean It

Thom's Daily Read 5April22

Cut Out the Middlemen & Get Your Energy Straight from the Sun

Thom's Daily Read 4April22

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - The Deciding Moment?

Saturday Report 4/2/22: Will Putin’s War End Neoliberal Free Trade & Globalization?

Ask Thom Anything!

Why Blue State Living Makes You Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise

Thom's Daily Read 1April22

Beware: The Human Vulnerability to “Patriotic Propaganda"

Thom's Daily Read 31March22

The Evil Reason the GOP Will Exploit Every Crisis The World Is Facing

Thom's Daily Read 30March22

America Must Choose Between Great Wealth or Democracy

Thom's Daily Read 29March22

Democrats Must Demand Justice Thomas Resign...and His Wife is Prosecuted

Thom's Daily Read 28March22

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - Banding Together for the Common Good

Saturday Report 3/26/22: Was the Supreme Court Involved with the Jan 6th Coup & Overturning the Election?

Why Is It You Can Host Terrorist Attacks & Drug Sales On the Web, But Not At Your Home?

Thom's Daily Read 25March22

Why Don't More Progressives Get That Seizing the Democratic Party is Our Best Chance to Power?

Thom's Daily Read 24March22

Judge Jackson's Hearing Proves That All the Sold-Out GOP Has Left Is Performance Art

Thom's Daily Read 23March22

A Middle Class Should Be a Dream and Not a Nightmare

Thom's Daily Read 22March22

Is America Facing The “Doom Loop” of Democracy?

Thom's Daily Read 21March22

Sunday Excerpt: Unequal Protection - The Battle To Save Democracy

Saturday Report 3/19/22: The “Putin Caucus” Strikes Again...

Could Putin Be Failing Because of a Lack of Democracy?

Thom's Daily Read 18March22

What About Zelenskyy’s Proposal to Protect Democracies Around the World?

Thom's Daily Read 17March22

40 Years of the Reagan Revolution’s Libertarian Experiment Have Brought Us Crisis & Chaos

Thom's Daily Read 16March22

Congress Should Be Regulating the Corrupt Supreme Court: Where Are They?

Thom's Daily Read 15March22

The Death of Nature & the War On Ukraine are Part of the Same Thing

Thom's Daily Read 14March22

Sunday Excerpt: Visiting with an Aboriginal Elder

Saturday Report 3/12/22 - The Freedom Convoy, Who Are Driving Around DC Burning Tons of Diesel, Biggest Complaint Now is Getting "The Bird"

Wannabee Strongman DeSantis Deploys Election Police

Thom's Daily Read 11March22

Revealed: New GOP Plan to Raise Taxes on Working People & End Social Security & Medicare

Thom's Daily Read 10March22

Exposed: The Trump, Putin & Saudi Connection to High Gas Prices

Thom's Daily Read 9March22

Thom's Daily Read 8March22

Can the World Learn from the Failure of the Budapest Accords?

Ukraine Again Shows Why Decentralized Energy is Essential

Thom's Daily Read 7March22

Sunday Excerpt: The Hidden History of Big Brother in America - How the Death of Privacy and the Rise of Surveillance Threaten Us and Our Democracy

Saturday Report 3/5/22 - It's a YUGE Turning Point for America & the World...Stay Tuned

Why Big Oil & the GOP are Sabotaging Ukraine, America, Our Atmosphere & Our Next Generation

Thom's Daily Read 4March22

Ask Thom Anything!

Are Republicans Patriotic Enough to Support a Ban on Russian Oil Imports Without Turning It Into a Hustle?

Thom's Daily Read 3March22

As the Fourth Great Turning Unwinds, Ukraine has become the George Floyd of the World

Thom's Daily Read 2March22

Why Does Everything the GOP Touches Cause Poverty, Disease & Death?

Thom's Daily Read 1March22

The GOP Is Trying To Turn America Into Putin's Russia

Thom's Daily Read 28February22

Sunday Excerpt - The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Saturday Report 2/26/22 - Did China Punk Putin?

Republicans Siding with Putin Loathe Democracy & Honest Elections

Thom's Daily Read 25February22

A War Against One is a War Against All

Thom's Daily Read 24February22

Democracy Gets a “Fist on the Nose” In Ukraine…But That’s Just the Beginning...

Thom's Daily Read 23February22

Performance Art Is All the GOP Has Left

Thom's Daily Read 22February22

Can We Restore American's “Loss of Agency” Amidst a World Gone Insane?

Thom's Daily Read 21February22

What You May Have Missed

Sunday Excerpt - Adult ADHD: How to Succeed as a Hunter in a Farmer's World

Saturday Report 2/19/22 - Why Canceling Student Debt is the Key to Reviving America

Why Trump Can't Be Ignored & Must Be Held Accountable

Thom's Daily Read 18February22

America Needs To Listen to Canada About an "Elections" Agency

Thom's Daily Read 17February22

All the GOP Has Left is Racism & That’s a Lie, Too

Thom's Daily Read 16February22

America Has a Militia Problem

Thom's Daily Read 15February22

How Can America Avoid the Bloodshed & Chaos of Civil War?

Thom's Daily Read 14February22

Sunday Excerpt: The Last Hours of Humanity

Saturday Report 2/12/22 - Should Americans Be Worried About Civil War?

Why Republicans Now LOVE the Post Office

Thom's Daily Read 11February22

How Government Insider Trading Corrodes Democracy

Thom's Daily Read 10February22

Unmasked: The Horrible Lesson Rightwing Radicalism has Taught America

Thom's Daily Read 9February22

Has America Reached the "Tipping Point" Where Most are Sickened & Disgusted by the Twisted GOP Death Cult?

Thom's Daily Read 8February22

America Must Outlaw Nixon’s No-Knock Warrants

Thom's Daily Read 7February22

What You May Have Missed

Sunday Excerpt: The Hidden History of American Healthcare

Saturday Report 2/5/22 - What Will Be the Outcome Of the GOP Civil War?

Ask Thom Anything!

The Amazing Truth About Freeway Congestion

Thom's Daily Read 4February22

How Student Debt is Sabotaging America

Thom's Daily Read 3February22

How Will America Deal with the Next GOP Wannabee Dictator?

Thom's Daily Read 1February22

How the "Moral Panic" of Critical Race Theory Morphed Into a Book-Banning Frenzy

Thom's Daily Read 1February22

Trump's Confession Shows Why We Must Abolish the Electoral College and Throw Him in Jail

Thom's Daily Read 31January22

What You May Have Missed

Sunday Book Excerpt: Threshold - The Progressive Plan to Pull America Back from the Brink

Saturday Report: 1/29/22 - “Female problems” at Fox “News”?

As the GOP Drowns Deeper in Factional Racism & Sexism, America is Sinking, too

Thom's Daily Read 28January22

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